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Global Sprinkle: Introduction to the World and Continents

Message to Moms: If you are like me, then the answers to all these questions are YES!

  • Do you miss traveling?
  • Do you want to show your kids the world?
  • Do you want your kids to appreciate people of all walks of life?
  • Are you homeschooling and want additional options for global exposure?
  • Do you want to help them learn about other countries and people?

Well - here is the start of how you can bring the world to your home! Based on all our world travels and teaching kids at home about the world, global knowledge builds self confidence and reinforces respect and appreciation for others.

Remember, your child is never too young to learn about the world and we will guide you through a series of fun and educational experiences in our module.

This "Global Sprinkle Bundle" includes a 30-minute video module and a supplemental learning packet that is:

  • Designed as an introduction to the world through discussions you can have with your kids and different ways to teach them.
  • Targeted for moms/parents with examples of how certain aspects are taught to children. The discussion points and experiences are mainly for kids ages 2 -7 years old.

In addition, the supplemental learning packet is to help you conduct educational discussions and create fun experiences for your kids as reflected on the module.

We are here to help you experience the world and raise inclusive global citizens from home.

Investment: $9.97

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What Past Customers Have Shared...

"I watched the trailer and showed it to my kids.  They wanted to see more of the young girls teaching them and so we bought the bundle.  My children were impressed with Lakshmi's daughters- speaking multiple languages and how much knew about the world.  Most importantly, my kids gained their interest to learn about continents from watching the video.  We love animals so we started from there.  We are now on our journey and look forward to the next series of videos and learnings packets."

- B.K. from Miami, FL

“I am the mother of college aged children, but as a kindergarten teacher, I am constantly seeking ways to bring global education to my classroom (now virtual teaching). I viewed some of the blog articles and appreciated the young kids learning about different kinds of people. After downloading the “Name the Continent and India worksheets”, I purchased the continent bundle. It was a good experience to watch the video, listen to what/why coaching, see the kids in action, and have the supplemental workbook as well.”

- Kindergarten Teacher from Toronto, Canada

“I recently bought the Global Sprinkle Bundle video and workbook. It was nice to hear about the founder’s journey and dedication to teaching her kids. The video inspired me to know that kids are never too young to start. I used some of the questions which were helpful to learn what my 4.5 year old knows about the world. We enjoyed the continents song and now, my child knows where the continents are on a map. We started with flags too! What a creative way to introduce countries to the kids!”

- Jessica from Washington, D.C.


Free Fun Activity Downloads for Your Kids


Download a free coloring worksheet summarizing national facts about India for your kids!