The Comprehensive Family
Travel Toolkit

A One-Stop Shop for All Things Related to Traveling

Parents! Have the information, resources, and recommendations for how to travel with kids - starting at the newborn age.


To us, traveling is like reading… it is essential to life and you never forget what you have learned. 

After 6 continents and over 30 countries traveled as a family, including responsible international travel during the pandemic, this “Comprehensive Family Travel Toolkit” is intended to be a “one-stop shop” for all things related to traveling.  It is designed for parents to have information, resources, and recommendations for how to travel with kids - starting at the newborn age.  We started traveling internationally when our first daughter was six weeks old!

This curriculum has been designed based on Travel Plus Them’s global travel experiences/learnings, pandemic responsible travel with purpose across continents, packing checklists, and more!

This resource guide focuses on global travel experiences, learnings/recommendations, some age specific details (trust me, it gets easier with practice), and pandemic specific information based on questions that have been asked by parents.

The content is divided into the Travel Plus ThemTM
proven framework of the 4 P's of Travel -
Plan, Prepare, Participate, and Post Trip.


Includes the following:

Designed to help you navigate all the various questions you may have to the whole “traveling with kids process” in a logical and sequential way based on the whole travel experience.

Content from initial planning to the post trip family travel experience including everything from pumping/nursing on planes, best traveling strollers, managing jet lag, packing details, pandemic specific traveling tips, and much more.

It is intended to not only help parents plan and prepare for the trip, but also becomes a family experience even before the actual vacation to build knowledge about the destination even before you leave the house!

This framework has not only been proven to help families travel with their children but also a framework leveraged to create a “virtual travel experience” from home (more details on that in the “Global Citizen from Home Coaching Program”).

2 Packing Checklists:

  1. For parents
  2. For children so they too can be a part of the process

Note: There will be information specific to the pandemic and considerations that need to be made which are still relevant in many parts of the world. The focus is travel responsibly and with purpose to ensure a full learning experience beyond just the logistics of a “trip”.

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