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Traveling Tips


Good plane behaviors starts with a game at home

My daughters came up with the idea of how to behave on the plane... "the airplane game".  This focuses on home preparation from boarding the plane, plane behavior, and keeping them happy in their seats.  Remember it's all about the routines that are practiced at home. 

How I learned to manage a public tantrum

How many of you can relate to the tantrums?  These can happen anywhere you are.  It is especially frustrating and embarrassing in public.  One thing I learned which has helped so much- remain calm! 

The simple approach to manage jet lag 

We have done this many times ranging from - 3 hours to + 16 hours. A simple way and it works- everyone stay on the new time zone immediately. Read my blog article to learn more. 

Traveling on Planes During COVID - a new normal with masks and lots of sanitizer!

Wearing masks, cleaning the plane, social distancing... is it worth it? While there are varying views on traveling during COVID, my advice- is that we should stay true to our personal values, our lifestyle choices, and do what we feel is best for our family. Please download my "How to Travel with during COVID" guidelines to learn more.


Traveling Experiences & Life Lessons 


Connect with Animals - Fun Feeding Elephants in Thailand

On all our global experiences, we have always integrated some "animal experience" in all countries.  As toddlers, while they may not remember seeing a famous building, they will always remember how they felt with animals. 

Great Barrier Reef - Bucket List for all generations

Wherever you are traveling to with elders and young kids, do not fear those "once in a lifetime" experiences that the place is known for. Even though some of the elders in my family cannot swim, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef was a "bucket list" item for everyone.

Adults Only - Finding time with your significant other

While we spent 23 hours a day with the kids, my husband and I try to do something "adults only" on our trips.  In this case, it was the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb experience (not for kids under 8 years old). To me, Travel Plus Them is all about the family experiences while growing in your spousal relationship too.


A lesson from a child's viewpoint - the importance of world knowledge

My 5 year old daughter created this message and slides sharing her view of on why it is important to learn about the world. Please go to "Raise Global Citizens" page to learn more.

Global Learnings and Diversity


Sprinkle into a culture with the country's language

One simple way to bring a country to your home is to earn a few words in the language that kids most commonly say- here is ours with Italy- Hello, Thank You, and Goodbye. This builds curiosity and learn more about the country.

Celebrating the Indian festival in honor of brothers and sisters

In the month of August, we celebrate the Indian holiday of Raksha Bandhan- a sibling festival in which girls exchange a "rakhi" (thread bracelet) with their brothers/cousins/friends to love and protect each other.  They receive gifts in return!

Happy Holi! - India's festival of colors

Holi is celebrated in March around the world as the start of the spring season. It is a time to spread joy with all the vibrancy of colors of the human race. I hosted this celebration for my daughters' preschool and all the 150 kids embraced this amazing experience.  All you need is some colored powder and  music!

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