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How to Travel With Children During COVID19

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Travel does not stop when you have kids. It has a new beginning.
We are here to help you experience the world and raise inclusive global citizens...
from home. Help inspire your children by getting started with our global learning introduction today.

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Raise Global Citizens

During a global pandemic & the fight for racial equality, there are ways to teach your children about diversity with a global perspective.

Traveling With Kids

A one-stop shop full of information, family travel tips and safety measures to consider while traveling during a pandemic.

Global Experience At Home

Create a global experience from your home with our Travel Plus Them Channel. Learn creative ways to inspire global learning at a young age.

"As a world traveler, Lakshmi and I have traveled for business and pleasure. She ensured that she would start her daughters young on their travels and knowledge of the world. This is reflected in how her children engage with other kids to learn more about them. That's her differentiator- she translates the global travels to learnings for other moms and kids. Also, I found her blog and travel tips not only useful for parents with kids, but for adults too!"

- L.B. from New York, NY

"I follow Travel Plus Them’s Instagram page and I noticed that she recently traveled with her kids during COVID. Hence, I contacted her directly and wanted her perspective for my potential upcoming family trip. She gave us all the tips for where we could go (based on the list of countries that are open to US passengers) and sent us the travel guidelines she created. I learned new information because of her and it helped us have a safe travel journey. As I said to Lakshmi, it prepared us 1000% for what to expect at the airport, on the flight, and upon arrival."

- C.W. from New Jersey


No matter what is happening around us, exposing the next generation to the world is essential for a better tomorrow.



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Name the Continent and Much More

This one page writing and coloring worksheet is a great way for your little ones to learn about the world - continents, oceans, and some famous landforms, such as mountains and forests.

Complete the short form below to get the fun free activity worksheet for your kids!

"I downloaded the “Name the Continent” worksheet and it was great! Not only did my child learn about the continents, but also the oceans too. As the founder said, even a sprinkle of knowledge opens up the curiosity. Very true! "

- Jane from San Francisco, California

"I follow various influencers within the travel industry. I enjoy Lakshmi’s blog and videos - a mix of travel insights, teaching kids, and mommy stuff. She is very transparent and helpful in how she communicates. While she has some nice pictures from around the world, she also shows us the “real world” of motherhood by sharing mistakes she has made and things that helped her manage through the challenges."

- Linda from Kansas

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About Lakshmi

I was born in India and came to the US as a young girl.  I have always been someone who lived on planes, both personally and professionally. Traveling to India as a child fueled my desire.  I loved to travel - family, friends, new people to meet - the world has so much to offer.

Fast forward to two decades of professional experience in various corporate leadership positions and travels to over 60 countries, I became a mom. Everyone around me said that I needed to "slow down", no more traveling with a baby!

But my passion to continue the global experience only grew and I wanted to expose my children to the diversity of the world.

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How to Travel With Children During COVID19

Download this FREE CHECKLIST on guidelines for traveling with children on a plane during the pandemic.