Around the World in 60 Minutes


While Traveling May Be Considered a Privilege, A Global Education Should Not Be 

Are you someone who wants your child to experience other cultures? Become more open-minded? Curious to learn about others? Spark their desire to become a global citizen?

Give your children one of the greatest gifts of life - a global education. Introducing Travel Plus Them’s brand-new worldschooling virtual educational program… Around the World in 60 Minutes

A learning experience for kids, by kids. Five-year-old Shyla takes your children on a virtual journey across the globe, exploring all seven continents and visiting 25 countries. Program includes a one-hour video, workbook, and craft project.

Purchase With a Purpose: A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to organizations based on the global need.


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Global Citizen From Home Coaching Program


This program is for parents who want to bring a global education to their homes. It provides parents coaching and resources on how they can embed learning about the world and cultures in a natural yet creative way with their children.

This curriculum has been designed based on Travel Plus Them’s global travel experiences, learnings from home, programs created for schools, and feedback from parents on their needs.



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The Comprehensive Family Travel Toolkit


To us, traveling is like reading… it is essential to life and you never forget what you have learned.

After 6 continents and over 30 countries traveled as a family, including responsible international travel during the pandemic, this “Comprehensive Family Travel Toolkit” is intended to be a “one-stop shop” for all things related to traveling. It is designed for parents to have information, resources, and recommendations for how to travel with kids - starting at the newborn age. We started traveling internationally when our first daughter was six weeks old!

This curriculum has been designed based on Travel Plus Them’s global travel experiences/learnings, packing checklists, and more!



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Lattés with Lakshmi Individual Coaching


How can I serve you? From my two decade global corporate career leading high performing teams to weekly business travel to balancing career + motherhood to the world of traveling with kids to bringing the world to my home raising global citizens to anything else in between, I am here to help you.

Lattés with Lakshmi is my approach to getting to know my direct reports, team, my clients, my colleagues, my customers. Why a latté? It’s my go-to morning drink that starts my day! I would love to know what yours is… and it’s on me!

We can cover an array of topics - whatever suits you based on where you are.

Our introductory call will be complimentary to learn more about you and determine how we can work together.

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