Lakshmi Natarajan

Founder of Travel Plus Them

My Background

Born in India and raised in NJ, I have always been someone who lived on planes both personally and professionally. Traveling to India as a child fueled my desire. I loved to travel- family, friends, new people to meet- the world has so much to offer.  My desire to learn about others also stemmed from being a person of color and the "different one" in many of my surroundings. 

Fast forward to two decades of professional experience in various corporate leadership positions for Fortune 500 companies and numerous clients.  These opportunities and my personal passions led to travels to over 60 countries. Then, I became a mother. Everyone around me said that I needed to "slow down", no more traveling with a baby! 

But my passion to experience the world only grew.

Movements As a Mother

As a mother of two toddler daughters, I want to teach and show them the beauty of the world and all its people.  We frequently traveled around the US to visit our families. In my eyes, if I can easily manage a 3 hour plane journey, how hard is a 24 hour plane journey? Well, I learned that while there are differences, I can do it. As a family, we have now traveled to over 30 countries across 6 continents (7th and last hopefully coming soon).

The most important role I play is raising global citizens - supporting my children to be confident in who they are, curious and excited to learn about others, and respect all the people around them. I want to positively impact the future generation while doing something that I love with my family.  My mission is to inspire other families on their journey to raising global citizens- through traveling the world and learning about the world from home.

To truly achieve our mission, I want to go beyond offering programs to "programs with a purpose".  Thus, a percentage of all program purchases will be donated to organizations based on the global need.  

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What It Means For You

Your life "evolves" when you become a parent and we are on this journey together.

"Plus kids" does not have to stop you from doing what you love. Traveling and teaching your children about the world enables you to experience all its diversity and next generation to become inclusive global citizens.  Focus on why it is important for your kids to learn about the world and its people.  You will be amazed at how much you can do to create global citizens... and this starts from home. 

My goal is to share all my experiences in hopes that you feel inspired too - you got this!

Let's raise global citizens together!