Miami Wire

Lakshmi Natarajan’s Journey to Raise Global Citizens One Child at a Time

There are no better ways to experience the world if not by traveling and making efforts to learn about other cultures. Lakshmi Natarajan has established the principle that traveling is about how the experience of visiting places shapes the traveler. In the times we are in, the opportunity to learn about the world starts from home. Lakshmi is a globetrotting Indian-American corporate executive, entrepreneur, consultant, and advisory board member. Born in India and raised in the US, Lakshmi’s world travels started at a young age during her family visits to India. Her parents and grandparents set the foundation to learn about the world.

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New York Weekly

Corporate Executive Turned Entrepreneur Connecting the World Through Travel Plus Them

Travel Plus Them came to life as a result of Lakshmi Natarajan’s mission to raise her children as global citizens and to inspire other parents on their journey. With a stellar corporate career over the last two decades, her transition to entrepreneurship was centered around reprioritizing her life to positively impact the future generation while doing something she loves with her family.

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Los Angeles Wire

Travel Plus Them Emphasizes Importance of Cultural Immersion in the Upbringing of Children

Parenthood is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, with no days off. Let’s be honest, everything changes. Those who love to travel and immerse themselves in new cultures may not know how to navigate it with children, especially when they are young. There are others who are unable to travel, but desire to expose their children to the world. Lakshmi Natarajan has proven all this to be possible by creating Travel Plus Them.

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The Chicago Journal

#18 on Top 20 Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2020

Lakshmi Natarajan is the founder and owner of Travel Plus Them. Her passion for travel was fueled by her childhood trips to India. Lakshmi has two decades of global corporate professional experiences across marketing, sales, and consulting. This included roles in Europe and Australia, which further increased her passion for immersive cultural experiences. She has been to over 60 countries.

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The Me-Suite Podcast

Putting the Me Back in Lakshmi

Your host, Donna Peters, interviews mom, corporate executive and entrepreneur Lakshmi Natarajan. Lakshmi was asked by a mentor one day to draw a pie and carve out all the various slices of how she focuses her energy. There was no pie slice for "me." Lakshmi was fading as she balanced aggressive career goals, a dual-career marriage and motherhood. She had to make a change and shares with us here how she reset priorities and launched two businesses aligned to her core values: Excelador for business consulting and Travel Plus Them for families who wish to raise their children to be global citizens.

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US Reporter

#14 on Top 15 Entrepreneurs

The United States is the land of opportunity. And it is called that way because it is a place that allows people to realize their dreams and pursue their passion. From businessmen and women to artists and other industry professionals, the US is a place for everyone. In the commercial world, it is especially hard to stay afloat, considering that there are thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs competing to dominate the landscape. But one thing is for sure, successful entrepreneurs all have their own stories to tell. Here are US Reporter’s Top 15 Entrepreneurs for 2020...

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