Global Citizen From Home
Coaching Program

For Parents Who Want to Bring a Global Education to Their Home

This program provides parents coaching and resources on how they can embed learning about the world and cultures in a natural yet creative way with their children.


This coaching program will include learnings from Lakshmi and insightful group discussion with other parents like you on their journey to raise global citizens.

  • It will be divided into 4 group weekly sessions over the course of approximately one month.
  • Groups will be about 10-20 people to ensure active discussion.
  • Then, an additional 1:1 time with Lakshmi as the culmination for specific coaching and questions (to be scheduled based on mutual convenience).
  • In addition to the live coaching program (will be recorded for those who miss it), you will receive various resources to enhance and reinforce the learning experience for you and your children.

Parent Learning Resources:

  • Learning About The Continents
  • The 4 P's From Home Toolkit

Children's Learning Resources:

  • Paper Based:
    • Discussion Questions: Global Citizen and Continent
    • Worksheet: Name that Continent and Much More
    • Worksheet: Continent Word Search
    • The 4 P's of Travel from Home Journal
  • Video Based: Children's Version of "Global Citizenship and 4 P's of Travel From Home" created by Lakshmi and her daughters in action (~30 minutes)

What We Will Cover In this Program

Session 1

Discuss the details of "Global Citizenship"

Build a foundation for our children to appreciate the world and its people

Focus Big with the Continents

Review of all learning resources

Session 2

"4 Ps of Travel”...from Home Framework (why is it important, how to bring it to life from home, and what it can do for your family)

1st P: Plan Your Trip

Homework for parents and children

Session 3

2nd P: Prepare for Your Trip

Homework for parents and children

Session 4

3rd P: Participate on Your Trip

4th P: Post Trip

Homework for parents and children

Session 5

Brief individual time with Lakshmi

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