Tantrums In Public On Vacation- What To Do?

Jan 22, 2020

So, how many parents can relate to the “moments of madness”? What do you do?

Question- What do I do when my child has a tantrums in public on our vacation?

Lakshmi’s Learning- Many people asked me if my kids cry and scream? Of course there have been many tantrums over the years while we travel (and more at home too)! I don’t always have time to capture on video as I am trying to calm the children... but this time I did! 

So the answer is not a one size fits all approach, but here is one approach I started more recently and it has worked.—— In this situation, I forgot my daughter’s stroller in our Air BnB home. Oops! Nothing I can do! The irony is that she has not used it for one year at home. But it was her “comfort” while traveling - even though she doesn’t sit in it most of the time....she still just wants it.

What did I do? —- One piece of advice- Remain calm!!! Even when she was screaming and on the floor- I didn’t yell and I didn’t say consequential comments (e.g. I will leave you alone, you are being bad, everyone is looking at you, etc). I used to say that and she would escalate her tantrum. She was embarrassing and it was frustrating!!!! But I simply told her I was sorry that I forgot it (at this point, everyone is talking pictures of us).

I told her to 1) stand still versus walking 2) breathe in and out slowly and calm down. Like yoga practice. I repeated that about 20 times... and she slowly stopped. She said sorry to me and gave me a big hug and held my hand to walk. Totally in a great mood about 15 minutes later and held a snake! So 15 minutes of madness + 10 hours of goodness = all worth it.


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