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How to Transform "Failure" Into a Positive

Sep 10, 2020

As I was prepping for an upcoming podcast interview- I was reflecting on my life’s journey. Specifically on what led my decision to build businesses around my passions as and strengths a mompreneur versus progression on the career path I was on. 

Lakshmi's Learning:  And- what struck me was the feeling of “failure”.  WOW- that word failure- it sounds bad, but is it?   

The irony is that we tell our children when they don’t get a goal in soccer OR if they get an answer wrong on a test- “It’s ok! You will do better next time- let’s practice and always try your hardest.” We turn a negative into a quick optimistic positive. Why should that not apply to us adults too?

Well, we adults spend more time analyzing the situation- why did this happen, what we could have done better, should have done better, what we can do better next time, etc.  I thought “so many women seem to do it all-- and why...

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