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Giving Through Travel and from Home

Aug 14, 2021

🙏🏾 Namaste from Kenya. 

Giving is the greatest gift.  Learn more about tourism with a purpose and giving from home... most importantly, how to involve kids!

Part of Travel Plus Them’s mission is “tourism with a purpose.” It is not only important for our children to become global citizens and share those learnings with all of you- but also to help the local communities of the countries we travel to.

Thanks to our travel agency, Wild Destinations in Kenya , we found the beautiful Mogra Children's Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. The home has children of all ages and thus we did our best to bring various items for all ages.

Here is what we do:

  • Seek guidance from the local people:  Contact the hotel concierge/Air BnB host, tour guides, or travel agents for recommendations on where we can donate. We ask specifically for orphanages.
  • Why this approach? Because there are so many places that do not have an online presence and receive limited...
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The Two G's- Gratitude and Giving Back

Nov 27, 2020

I wish everyone appreciation, reflection, and joy.  A time to remember those we lost and a time to treasure those we can hold. While “Thanksgiving” means different things to different people... I think we can all agree on these two “g’s”- “gratitude and giving back” as universal forms of love that we should do everyday!

Part of Travel Plus Them is just that- the two “g’s”. Being a global citizen is not just experiencing the world... it’s also sharing all that you can with others. Thanks to our friends who make this an annual tradition, we too were able to experience this while on vacation!

Shyla and Shriya packed an entire suitcase of clothes, toys, and books and donated to the local orphanage in Costa Rica. Due to COVID- we were unable to go inside and play.  While my girls were saddened by the tears they heard, they were overjoyed by the hands the kids held out through the gate to hug them!

To protect the...

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How to Travel With Children During COVID19

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