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Learn "Namaste"- A Respectful Way to Say Hello Without Touching

Mar 13, 2020


Please watch this important video—- a way to respectfully greet people AND avoids contact with another person.
Thank you to our family and friends for the birthday wishes for Shyla. She amazes me with her desire to teach and learn (she also thinks she knows everything- lol)! Last night, she chose this book- “My First Book of Hindi Words” because she wanted to teach others about Indian culture.  And so, I captured something that is VERY important for the current global situation. Say “Namaste” -the Indian greeting for “hello/welcome/good to meet you”. Put your hands together like my daughter did.
Namaste only requires you touching your own hands and hence, no contact with another person!!! It’s better than elbow or fist pumping (they have physical contact). Hence, if you are scared to shake hands, elbow pump, or hug people, please consider doing this. It’s keeps you safe and very...
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