How to Transform "Failure" Into a Positive

Sep 10, 2020

As I was prepping for an upcoming podcast interview- I was reflecting on my life’s journey. Specifically on what led my decision to build businesses around my passions as and strengths a mompreneur versus progression on the career path I was on. 

Lakshmi's Learning:  And- what struck me was the feeling of “failure”.  WOW- that word failure- it sounds bad, but is it?   

The irony is that we tell our children when they don’t get a goal in soccer OR if they get an answer wrong on a test- “It’s ok! You will do better next time- let’s practice and always try your hardest.” We turn a negative into a quick optimistic positive. Why should that not apply to us adults too?

Well, we adults spend more time analyzing the situation- why did this happen, what we could have done better, should have done better, what we can do better next time, etc.  I thought “so many women seem to do it all-- and why was I sinking?” I failed to be the best me in any aspect of my life- work, family, and friends. But I didn’t need to look around me- I needed to focus within me. No one cares about me more than me. 

I need to surround myself with people (family, friends, colleagues, mentors, etc.) that believe in me and value who I am. It doesn’t matter in life if everyone doesn’t value us- that is ok! Actually, it’s a good thing when someone doesn’t think we are awesome. We have the ability to channel positive energy in and negative energy out.  While the positive energy is our foundation, the negative energy is needed for us to reflect, learn, and grow. And, every experience and interaction in life is part of our journey.

While we all have our path to overcome our feeling of failure, I go back to what we say to our children. We should not mourn in our setbacks/failures, rather coach ourselves like we so easily coach our kids- “it’s ok-  you're still awesome, let’s work hard, and you will continue to rock.” It actually feels empowering to say that my personal feeling of failure was the best thing that happened to me. Why? Because I am now a better version of me because I believed in me.


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