Food Around The World- Picky Eaters Versus Experimental Palate

Jan 14, 2020

My kids are not foodies and love their comfort food

Question- What do you do for food in all the countries you have traveled to? What if you have “picky” eaters? 

Lakshmi’s Learning- I think that everyone falls in this spectrum…
1) Always eat the same thing wherever you are / can be picky
2) Sometimes willing to try new things
3) Advance experimental palate. 

My kids fall mainly in 1, occasionally 2 (at home). When traveling- there are already a lot of “changes” in the environment for the kids (new time zone, new bed, new vacation schedule, etc). If they do not want to explore new cuisines, I say do not force it. Kids sometimes appreciate their “comfort food”.  Of course, you should try new things while on vacation… But don’t get frustrated when it doesn’t happen. I get frustrated but realized that I have to be flexible too. 

Hence- If your child is on the 1-2 spectrum, trying new food is more promising “at home” (you cook it or go to a restaurant) versus while traveling. Also- being 1-2 is not a bad thing (at times, it is what it is). And so, we made a fun game of it which the kids even ask in advance. In every country that we have been to, my girls enjoy their comfort food, which is Indian food specifically dosa (pictured above- indian savory crepe)! And amazingly enough- we find Indian restaurants and dosas everywhere!!! It is quite fascinating to see how Indian food is adapted in other countries (coolest and unexpected was Japan). 

Parents who have children on the 3 spectrum- please share your secrets! :-) 


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