While Traveling May Be Considered A Privilege,

A Global Education Should Not Be

Are you someone who wants your child to experience other cultures? Become more open-minded? Curious to learn about others? Spark their desire to become a global citizen?

Give your children one of the greatest gifts of life- a global education. 

Introducing Travel Plus Them’s brand-new worldschooling virtual educational program...

Around the World in 60 Minutes

Shyla teaching children about the world

A Learning Experience For Kids, By Kids

Five-year-old Shyla takes your children on a journey across the globe, exploring all seven continents and visiting all the countries she has visited plus more. 

Who is this for?  Children ages 4 -10 to watch alone or with adults too. 

First your children will understand why it is important to learn about the world.  Then, for each country, they will learn...

  • Colors of the flags
  • National animals
  • How to say hello in the country’s language
  • Famous foods and festivals 
  • Famous landmarks and natural wonders
  • And much more!

Your Purchase Includes

60 Minutes of Virtual Learning

Engaging, hands-on early childhood lessons about the world, its culture, and people.

Custom Learning Experience

Watch the series in one day or break it up in a way that best suits your needs.

Free Bonus Content

Fun, printable learning guides that your child can complete with each section of our video.


Purchase With a Purpose: A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to organizations based on the global need. This month, 25% will be donated to Mogra Children's Centre in Nairobi, Kenya to assist the children with essentials.

Learn More About This Charity

Bonus Content

around the world work book

Interactive 15 Page Workbook

Learning Workbook (2 pages for each continent + a word search)  for children to complete while watching.

Around the world passport

Exciting Craft Project: Passport Book

Your child’s will create their very own passport book with real country stamps as a surprise for the end!


Around the World in 60 Minutes Overview

Here is a detailed view of “Around the World in 60 Minutes” Video Learning which can help you navigate the optimal family learning experience into sections as you see fit.

  • Introduction and Background Information (6 minutes)
    • Why Is it important to learn about the world 
    • Explanation of what is a continent and country
    • Preview of countries that they will learn about across all continents
    • Summary of the content that will be covered within each country
    • Learning Resources: Workbook and Passport Book (separate documents that will be available upon purchase)
  • Continent Journey with reminders after every continent to do corresponding workbook pages
    • Asia: India, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Indonesia (11 minutes)
    • North America: United States, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, Jamaica (10 minutes) 
    • Europe: Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Portugal (10 minutes)
    • Africa: Morocco, Kenya, Egypt (6 minutes)
    • South America: Colombia, Brazil, Peru (6 minutes)
    • Australia (2 minutes)
    • Antarctica (2 minutes)
  • Recap of all the countries that the kids learned about (2 minutes)
  • Craft Project: Directions of how to complete Passport Book (2 minutes)

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I watched the trailer and showed it to my kids. They wanted to see more of the young girls teaching them and so we bought the Around the World program. This was a unique experience with so much content taught by a child and workbooks too.  My children were impressed with how much Shyla knew about the world. Most importantly, my kids gained their interest to learn more about countries and became curious about other cultures. We love food so we started on our world food journey with the famous foods from Around the World video. We are now on our journey and look forward to the next series of videos and learnings packets.

Sara | New York, NY 

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