Swinging into the new normalโ€ฆ Are you getting the itch?

Sep 23, 2020

We are all finding different ways to live in this “new normal". I am reminiscing of our beautiful family trip to Bali, Indonesia. As you may have guessed, we have the travel bug! Perhaps one of the few “bugs” that we love! 

Question- We have always enjoyed experiencing the world, but of course in the current global climate, it seems impossible, right?  

Lakshmi's Learning- I think wrong. First and foremost, I will say that everyone has to do what they feel is right based on their personal values and lifestyle choices. As parents, we have this special quality to turn the impossible to possible. I am a member of a few “mommy” groups and have recently had discussions on “when should we travel again”. Lots of families did summer road trips in their respective countries or spent extended time visiting their families- how wonderful! Remember- any and all trips (e.g. to a zoo, to the lake, to another state, to your backyard for a scavenger game, visiting family, etc) are life learning experiences for kids- local, domestic, or international. 

Why are trips (family experiences) so special for children?  Here is what I learned- When my older daughter Shyla was only 3.5 years old- she was asked by her teacher if she likes to travel. Since she was a baby, we were constantly in and out of school for business and pleasure so her teacher asked her about her recent trips. Her answer to this specific question amazed me! The answer was yes- she likes to travel! BUT her first thought was not because “she likes to see new places”- she said “because my family spends all day and night together, it is just us, family fun time."  

When I heard that- it reinforced why it is so important to take trips. Of course- trips create new experiences for the kids and raise global citizens- but it is as simple as spending family quality time with no (or minimal) distractions. Hence, please remember to spend quality time with your family when you are physically and mentally present. No phone (only for pics!), no email, no meetings - just you and them!

Going back to our "itch"- we are ready to go beyond domestic travel and are considering an international trip. This is not just because we have the “bug”- but it is our next phase of “living in the new normal”. It is a decision we are comfortable with, it will be a great + safe experience for all of us, and we can help the local economy. We have some ideas on where we could go based on the current travel restrictions- any suggestions? 

For those who are wondering- this was the Celuk Swing & Luwak Coffee in Bali, Indonesia.  What a great place for adults and kids (this swing, yummy coffee/tea for adults, beverage tasting for kids, and they help grind the beans)! Thank you to our tour groups, hotel, Air BnB, and all the wonderful people we met to ensure we had a safe memorable family experience.


How to Travel With Children During COVID19

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