A Fun Way to Teach Kids Not to Run Around While In Public

Dec 03, 2019

#dontrun A special post today... Happy Birthday to my niece Rima.  We adore you!

Question- How can my kids not run around in public? In different directions? I can’t chase them! What do I do?

Lakshmi’s Learning- Who remembers the old “chu chu train” game?  Well, even with all the advancements we have made with new games and technology— these #oldschool games are still so much fun and kids love them!! Remember- your kids don’t know it’s old school.... a game is a game!!! Even if you have one kid- you can follow OR lead in front. 

I use this to board flights (I travel a lot with them alone), walk through airports (no holding hands), and take them out in public.  It quickly can transform a potential yelling scene (me screaming at kids to stop running around) into a fun game of listening.

Stay tuned for more from my girls where we will talk about airplane entertainment!


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