Adventures of Traveling With Parents (Kids Grandparents)

Dec 26, 2019

Question- How is it traveling with the parents? (Children’s grandparents) 

Lakshmi’s Learning- At times, your parents take your advice!! So, my brother and I have traveled with our parents to many countries, even before we had children. We are blessed to still have that and encourage them to always come with us. We bring our parents on these trips for the family memories NOT to babysit. Yes, of course they help with the kids at times and kids LOVE having them. BUT- they also are enjoying themselves and achieving their bucket list items. 

I wanted to share a different Travel Plus Them moment- a story about my moms! My mother is a fearless woman and she has been snorkeling many times (this is her second time in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia). However, my mother-in- law is much more cautious and does not know how to swim. At 70 years old- she has never been in the ocean! And so I held her hand and we went snorkeling together! 

Why is this moment important? Our parents continue to guide us. They constantly give us advice even when we really don’t want it, spoil the kids with random unneeded gifts, don’t always follow “rules”, etc. LOL! But leaving all that aside- this was a moment when I was the parent...and I was able to help my mother-in-law overcome her fear of deep water and experience the opportunity of a lifetime. And she trusted to experience that with me!! It was a special moment we will remember forever. This made my daughters happy too- they all talked about the fish they saw underwater!


How to Travel With Children During COVID19

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