An Important Life Lesson Taught by Child to Parent

Aug 29, 2020

Lakshmi’s Learning- When we think of teaching… Sometimes we think of the elders teaching the youngsters. But there are times where our toddler children can teach us too! As my baby Shriya celebrates her birthday next week... I wanted to reflect on her special quality that truly makes me proud. Most people will say their children teach them patience which is definitely true for all of us! I am going to focus on something else that my baby teaches me (and she is different from her sister with this unique quality).

Shriya teaches me confidence. She demonstrates how to channel out the negative comments and just focus on what makes you happy. I am amazed how at age 3... she literally can “brush off” the “not so nice things” that other kids sometimes say (e.g you run too slow, your painting looks weird, you dance funny, etc). She smiles and she still just continues her work and play. She will share the “not nice” comments with me or her school teachers as needed but she doesn’t let it take away her spirit or confidence.

There are life lessons are all around us- let’s make sure we have our eyes and ears open to receive them! 


How to Travel With Children During COVID19

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