Does vacation = no routine for kids? What about school work?

Dec 15, 2019

Question- Does vacation = no routine? It can become hard to adjust back when we return home. 
Lakshmi’s Learning- Well- that does not have to be the case. When you are away- you can still keep important aspects of your “home routine” while also embracing vacation mode (traveling too is a life education and experience no matter where you go—- don’t forget that!).  The term “routine” is multifaceted for kids with nap times, eating, school work, bath time, certain activities, etc.

I will address one aspect- “school work” (in the case of my kids- it’s still only preschool). For us- practicing writing/coloring/reading/math are a daily routine. Especially reading at night before bedtime (and separate books for each of them). We do that everyday no matter where we are (important- try to pack paperback books versus hard cover to minimize weight)! 

And I have my kids pack their books, pencils/crayons, and school work. They know that we will continue this aspect of our daily routine and they are excited for it. This is better than us packing all of it so they can own their stuff! Generally- kids like to feel empowered so here is a small way they can!


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