Experiencing Diversity Starts With Parents As "Teachers"- A Look on World Religions

May 01, 2020

This message is to embrace diversity and culture through global learning experiences. As Shyla said “We are connected around the world!” 

Question- With global travel at a pause now, how can my kids become global citizens?

Lakshmi’s Learning- There many ways to teach diversity to the next generation about the world and it does not solely come from school. It actually starts with us parents! Please note this is one example. Even if it is just a sprinkle of knowledge- it’s a start and can be done at home! Let’s leverage our community and Google to learn!! 

What I did- April was a holy month across some of the world’s major religions. My girls already know a lot about our Hindu faith. I want them to continue to be confident and proud of who the are. To achieve that- it’s important for them understand the bigger picture around them. So I leveraged the opportunity to ensure they understand the holidays that came in April. While we celebrated our own holiday of Vishu, I explained and conducted some traditions of other holidays (e.g. Easter Egg Hunt, made some components of the Seder plate for vegetarians, explained the significance of fasting, donated food, etc). In addition- they completed worksheets to remember the holidays (we have massive folder of home school worksheets)! 

Again- while this is just a sprinkle, it is meant for the next generation to know who they are and also to embrace others. And my girls said it’s so cool to learn about others- at these young ages, they are sponges for wisdom! Please share your thoughts as well.


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