Get your groove on and learn about other cultures

Oct 07, 2020

Based on my last blog, I am thrilled to know that some of my followers and subscribers did not initially think of introducing a globe to their children and have since purchased one—that’s wonderful!

Continuing on that theme, I have many ideas of educational and fun ways to introduce your children to the world… from home.  So, in spirit of throwback Thursday, I am going back to two years ago!  My daughters loved to dress up (they still do) and put on a performance at home.

Lakshmi’s Learning- Although people around the world speak so many different languages… music is universal.  Do you find yourself loving a song but you do not even know the meaning of the words?  Or a song with no words that you connect with?  Well- guess what, kids do too!  Kids love music and they can hear sounds/music even before birth.

So, here is another simple and easy way to expose your children to the world and different cultures…music!  Play some songs in different languages and enjoy watching their creative dances.  Here are my daughters enjoying Middle Eastern music in 2018!  We have visited a few countries in that part of the world, they love the food, and the music/dance movements remind them of Indian music—and they connect to it. 

Hence, if your child likes a particular genre of music (e.g. dance, R&B, pop, nursery rhymes, etc.)- find a song in that genre or the same music in another language and play it.  This enables you to discuss what language the song is in and explore that country/culture more.  We did this with nursery rhymes too in Spanish, French, Hindi, Tamil, etc.  Again, just another way to teach children to learn there is a world around them.  Remember just a sprinkle of knowledge can open up a world of curiosity. 

Special thank you to the wonderful access to music we have these days- Amazon Alexa, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music—music right at our fingertips! 


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