Happy Holi- India's Festival of Colors

Mar 09, 2020

Happy Holi from us! 

Holi is India's  “festival of colors” celebrated by billions of people around the world! Holi signifies the arrival of spring, good over bad, and a fun day to meet others, play and laugh, and celebrate life and people! 

How do we teach the next generation about global holidays? Since this a community celebration- I have hosted Holi at my daughters’ school with all the wonderful colors!  It brightened my day to see the happiness in the 100+ children!! Remember, as a parent- your dedication can create a positive experience and impact so many kids!

You too can celebrate-- just get some colored powder, play some music, dance, and put the colors everywhere.  The colors represent the vibrancy of all the colors and shades of the human race!

As we say… Holi Hai (Holi is here)! 


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