How WE Can Help Our Children Overcome Fears

Jan 05, 2020

Question- How do you help your children prevent or overcome some fears? 

Lakshmi’s Learning- Some of you may have kids that are fearless now! But as they become older, fears and dislikes can develop more. Basically- the answer is simple—- as the adult- you have to overcome your fears first! I realized that things I don’t like, my girls are starting not to like as well. And that’s not always a good thing! 

So for example- my kids love all animals, they are not scared of spiders and snakes! On the other hand, I don’t like them. And so- here we are in Bali... one of the homes of the Burmese Python. Shyla and Shriya said they are not scared... and they asked me why I am and told me to be brave! That’s what I say to them about everything!!! 

For those who know me— know I am adventurous- Sky diving, scuba diving, playing with tigers, etc. But snakes... ewwwwww! And so- my girls asked me to hold the snake because he is an innocent animal and then they held it alone! I was so humbled by them. Even at such a young age- they helped me overcome my dislike and fear of holding a snake! 

What are your fears??? 2020 is a year to overcome some of them!! 


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