How We Started the Discussion With Our Kids About "The Virus"... With Gratitude

Mar 27, 2020

My daughters wanted to make this video gratitude.

Question- How should we address the global health situation with our kids? Should we?

Lakshmi’s Learning- I have been talking to my girls about the “virus” and why we are staying at home. Obviously my preschoolers are to understand many things, but they do have feelings and mental health is important. They have been sad that that their family cancelled their FL visit last week, we cancelled our upcoming family trips, there is no school / activities for weeks, etc. Although they love more time with us- it is important that we allow them to share their feelings and ask questions too. During our talks- they wanted to thank all the essential workers- health heroes, farmers, first responders, teachers... thank you!

And the most important person to them- their favorite doctor, their dad! ——Special thanks to my husband, family, and friends who are essential workers who keep us living!


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