How You Can Teach Your Kids To Become Global Citizens

Dec 11, 2019

Question- How can I teach my kids about the world/continents/countries even if we are not traveling?

Lakshmi’s Learning- As I mentioned on an earlier post— education starts with us at home. There is so much we can do to bring global awareness to kids. We sing this “Continents, Continents” song! Then we “deep dive” into a specific continent and they start naming the countries. Both my girls LOVE country flags and have a dining placemat that shows them all countries. We also learn hello, goodbye, and thank you in the local language (Thanks Google translator). We study all of this before our trips. We started doing this when Shyla was 1 year old—- so it’s never too early to start! 

You may wonder, this sounds just like basic school geography...what does this do? Well, it’s you teaching them, not the school. That means something to kids and it is always reinforced in school.  It is the beginning of the kids being curious- understanding that there are so many counties in the world, people speak different languages, have different dances, etc.  It’s a simple small start for a brighter and more inclusive generation!

Stay tuned for more related to packing for a 3 week vacation across two continents, a 24 hour flight, and so much more! 


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