Let's celebrate Chinese New Year!

Feb 13, 2021

Happy Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year to everyone!  The holiday lasts 16 days so we have time to enjoy!

While I didn’t grow up celebrating, I enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year while working in NYC.  It was so wonderful to experience the decorations and festivities in Chinatown-- a welcoming experience. And now, I am learning more as a mother raising global citizens with the focus on how I can bring this cultural traditions to my home.  It is an auspicious time… And the significance can be appreciated by all. 

Here are some cool facts about Lunar New Year.

  • Chinese New Year is celebrated by more than 20% of the world, and is the most important holiday in China. 
  • It is also known as the Spring Festival.  People welcome spring and what it brings along: planting and fresh starts.
  • The date changes every year (just like Diwali) because it aligns to the lunar calendar.
  • The color red symbolizes luck, joy, and happiness.  Chinese brides wear red (as do Hindu brides as well) as it is believed to ward off evil and bring us well wishes.
  • Children receive lucky money in red envelopes. Giving the money to children, elders are hoping to pass on a year of good fortune and blessings. Another version is given by the younger generation to their elders as a blessing of longevity and a show of gratitude.
  • It is time of year celebrated with family and the community- spreading love and light to all.

What you can do with your kids to celebrate this cultural festival:

  • Similar to Diwali, have your children do their "cleaning" for the spring-  this is time to sweep the bad luck away and make room for the good!
  • It's a time to share and give to the community.  Collect items and donate to a local community shelter.  What I continue to learn is how sharing and giving are core to so many global festivals.  We are many, we are one.
  • Wear red (this works for Valentine's Day too)-- it is an auspicious color and will bring good luck.  We wear red on Valentine's Day as the color of our hearts, the color of love.  What a connection! 
  • Light lanterns or any form of lights you have- in celebration of hopes and well wishes.  This beautiful tradition illuminates the night, proving to everyone that light can always be found during dark times. I am amazed by the similarities to Diwali!

What is extra special about this Lunar New Year 2021?

  • The Year 2021 is the year of the Ox- the ox is perceived as a hard worker.  Zodiac experts believe the Year of the Ox is a period when hard work will be rewarded more than others years.  Hence, a year to rebuild and of great opportunity!
  • If you have a life goal you have always wanted to achieve but never quite got around to it, 2021 is a good year to give it a go! Thank you OX! 
  • As mentioned, the date for Chinese New Year changes every year and it's special that it came around the same time period as Valentine's Day which is not always the case! Celebrating light, love, and the color red!

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