Mother Daughter Love... Moments Captured in Rome, Italy

Jul 22, 2020

A post on mother daughter love....

As I am in my childhood home- I am consolidating (or rather reminiscing) my younger years. The top is a picture of my mother and I in Italy the year I graduated college. Outside of our frequent trips to India, this was the first international family trip I took my parents on... thanks to American Express and my free airline tickets! The bottom is my daughter Shyla and I (pregnant with second baby) in almost the same picture spot (what a coincidence)! 

Lakshmi’s Learning- I am so lucky to have shared the beauty and culture of this country with my mother and then my daughter (and a few times solo in between)!!!  While the photo coloring is way different in the 2016 vs the 2000 version.... the mother/daughter love is generational.

This is the time to continue to create memories with your loved ones... especially the elders. Even when they “accidentally” cut all your hair off (supposed to be a trim) thinking it would be a nice surprise. Note to self- I will no longer be a customer of my Mom's Backyard Hair Salon!


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