Save The Planet- With Toilet Paper Low in Stock, You Can Clean Without It

Mar 23, 2020

Please watch this insightful video—- something my daughters learned from all their travels on how to conserve toilet paper and be clean! 

Question- How can we possibly conserve toilet paper? I thought it was essential? 

Lakshmi’s Learning- I wanted to show you all a way to toilet paper and still be very clean. We may still be low on toilet paper for weeks to come! 

Many countries around the world do not use toilet paper to clean- it is not a must have. And when people do- they don’t use it in excess like we do in the US (yours truly too). Now is a great time to learn how we can do things differently. 

So you may ask- how do you clean?? - Mother Nature’s gift... water!   It’s better for the environment too! Here is an example of my daughters’ demonstrating on the toy potty. She uses water to clean (with cleansing bottle or spray) and 1-2 squares of toilet paper to “dry-off” versus many squares multiple times to clean. And trust us- the water cleans so well- try it out!!! Hope the video demonstrates the “how”! 


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