Bring back old school learning... spinning around the world

Oct 01, 2020

Questions- I grew up in the 1980s... How many of you had a map/atlas/or globe in your house? Do you have a globe today?

Lakshmi’s Learning- We do! I wanted to share a simple way to use a "globe" on a frequent basis with your young children. While I am sure that some world geography is taught in elementary school… Why wait?  It's never too early and never too late.  The globe presents a FUN and educational opportunity for us as parents with our children. 

So, in this video… Shriya is spinning the globe.   While she is familiar with all the continents and where they are located on a map/globe, she cannot read like her older sister.  She is able to locate countries because she studies the globe and has memorized where some countries are located.

We do this a few days a week in the evening.  The kids land on a particular country and we  talk about that country the next few days.  Things such as famous cool places, how far it is to fly there from where we live, names of big cities, listen to some music, and then to top it off... I cook some food from that country for dinner.  

I know that you might be thinking... you don’t have time to do all these things!  But, you don’t have to make it a big production.  Think of it like this- as parents, we all spend a little bit of time talking to our children and most of us do have to cook a meal at some point. Hence, it’s a great way for your kids to explore new cuisines… and more importantly, gain exposure to the world!  Remember just a sprinkle of knowledge can open up a world of curiosity. 

Enjoy spinning around the world!



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