Teach Kids How To Give By Involving Them

Dec 10, 2019

Before our upcoming holiday vacation, I wanted to share a proud parent moment. While my kids have much more than I did growing up (as many kids in their generation), they made me so happy with this.

Question- How can you ensure your kids give to others?

Lakshmi’s Learning- Over the last year, we had the kids pack all their used (but in great condition) toys to give to the local children’s shelter. Then we went to the center to play with the kids and my girls had a great time (didn’t take pictures for privacy purposes). Based on those experiences, my girls insisted that we support the local toy drive for the holidays. They actually picked out the toys from Target themselves and they truly understood who the toys will go to. And, what did my kids receive in return-they asked for a lollipop with so much joy!

During any time of year—- having children give to others is the greatest joy! Please have your children 1) consolidate/pack their toys/clothes or buy new ones 2) be a part of the donation experience (shelter, home, event) versus you doing it on your own.


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