Use your powerful tool.... YOUR voice-- GO VOTE!

Oct 23, 2020

This week- I wanted to discuss something that is extremely important in your life always- YOUR voice. Sometimes in life we have been silenced and/or unheard… But guess what? Every day is a chance to make a change. This is a time to use that voice… And that voice is extremely powerful! You might be wondering what voice that is… And that is YOUR VOTE!

We are living in a time where our future generation deserves to feel they belong. They deserve to love themselves and love their neighbor. They deserve to have leaders that appreciate diversity and global learning. While my intention is not to polarize anyone and cause disagreement with our views… This election feels a lot more personal than ever. As I said- YOUR VOICE MATTERS.. Please vote. And if you cannot vote- please encourage others to vote. 

Lakshmi’s Learnings- After that PSA, here is a video of my five year old daughter Shyla on her assessment of the election. This assessment was generated from all of the following:

  • She has seen various signs as we drive around, some YouTube ads that appear when she watches her videos (Oops), and she has made her assessment. 
  • Granted- it’s not something I thought to proactively talk about. But she asked me about the signs and as I mentioned previously, curiosity is the gift of children and sometimes, we need to seize these moments.
  • I explained to her what an election is. Basically she understood it as a competition and the people of the country can vote (pick) who wins based on who they feel will be a better leader. Going back to the them of "your voice matters."
  • She asked how long they have the job for? I said 4 years. 
  • She asked how she can write her vote. I told her you have to be 18 to vote- she didn’t see that as fair. If this leader is for all of us, why doesn’t her vote count? A very good question. I explained the differences between children and adult- so they have faith in their parents like they do with so many other things.

In conclusion, her assessment was from watching advertisements and her understanding about good vs. bad based on things we have taught her about life. 

Recommendation- I think it is ok to talk to your kids about things that may be beyond their years, especially when they ask. You can keep it honest and simple but don’t shy away the curious mind!

“Be the change you want to see in this world.”- Mahatma Gandhi


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