Visiting Family Around The World- Life Is Short and It Is Always Worth It

Feb 10, 2020

Question- How do kids remember all the family visits at such a young age... why not wait until they older so they remember all their relatives? 

Lakshmi’s Learning- People (even my parents) say I am crazy for the nonstop travel and for taking my kids to India. They even advise me against it... saying to wait. Of course I rarely listen. And, you know what... it is ALWAYS worth it for time with family- near and far. The relationships that my children have built with their great grandmother, aunts, uncles, extended grandparents, cousins, and friends are absolutely priceless. The reason they remember all of them is because of the effort we, as parents, have invested in those relationships.

And for me family is everything so even through the stomach sickness we all just experienced, I do not regret one moment!  We saw all the elders- which is very important to me.  They may not be around the next time.

So- don’t wait to visit your loved ones wherever they are, your children will love who you love because of you.


How to Travel With Children During COVID19

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