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Thinking About Traveling to Europe This Summer?

May 13, 2021

I know travelers are excited to see the positive news that the European Union (EU) is going to accept US vaccinated travelers for this summer!  Read this for additional information related to airfare, hotels, COVID testing, and travel insurance.

PLEASE NOTE- Travel information is changing frequently, hence please note the date of this content being published and ensure to check for recent updates.

What is Europe like in the summer? 

  • When I lived in Europe 15 years ago, I traveled all around. And it’s lovely- the weather, the coastal cities, the easy accessibility from one country to the next, etc! 
  • All the countries are flooded with travelers and prices for the major tourist cities are generally higher.
  • While EU is not all of Europe, it covers majority of the countries.
  • Europeans LOVE their holidays— they travel for weeks during the summer!  

While we are waiting to learn more about the EU details (all the countries have...

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Insights from our International Trip During the Pandemic

Dec 14, 2020

We did it!  We went on our first international trip during COVID to Costa Rica.  To summarize it in one word-- "exhilarating."

While countries have various restrictions (many are closed to travelers from the US)- I have to say that I felt extremely safe and a lot of precautions were taken, even more than I experience in my home city.

My perspective- As I have shared before, I think that everyone has to do what they feel is right for them based on personal values and lifestyle choices. Even though we went on this trip with concerns (which can be uncomfortable), it did not stop us from living our best lives and reconnecting us with something we love.

Lakshmi's Learnings:  Here was our experience in Costa Rica-

  • Air Travel to and from destination- since this is a "grey area" for many, I am providing details .  The plane has constant air filtration and is cleaner than ever.
    • The flight to MIA to LIR was just a regular COVID flight. We wore masks, had lots of...
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How to Travel With Children During COVID19

Download this FREE CHECKLIST on guidelines for traveling with children on a plane during the pandemic.