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Tips on How To Travel On A Plane with Newborn Baby- You Got This Mama

Dec 04, 2019
Question- How can my newborn baby survive a longer flight? And is an economy seat “big” enough?

Lakshmi’s Learning- Shyla’s first “longer” flight was 6 hours from east to west across the US- Miami to San Francisco at 3 months old.  And I was traveling solo!  Oh- so many learnings on that trip with carrying the car seat and stroller, baby in bjorn, what to pack for plane, feeding in those small coach seats, diaper changing in bathroom, “jet lag”, etc (will share that later time).

So- how did we survive the flight? At that age- kids need milk, some entertainment, and take naps! What I did in those 6 hours with lap infant: normal nursing with my cover up (focused on takeoff and landing to avoid ear pressure), singing songs (whispering), walking around the plane to stare at people, packed a few soft lightweight toys to drool on, and then take naps together! I am not kidding when I say it was totally fine and you can do it too!!

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A Fun Way to Teach Kids Not to Run Around While In Public

Dec 03, 2019

#dontrun A special post today... Happy Birthday to my niece Rima.  We adore you!

Question- How can my kids not run around in public? In different directions? I can’t chase them! What do I do?

Lakshmi’s Learning- Who remembers the old “chu chu train” game?  Well, even with all the advancements we have made with new games and technology— these #oldschool games are still so much fun and kids love them!! Remember- your kids don’t know it’s old school.... a game is a game!!! Even if you have one kid- you can follow OR lead in front. 

I use this to board flights (I travel a lot with them alone), walk through airports (no holding hands), and take them out in public.  It quickly can transform a potential yelling scene (me screaming at kids to stop running around) into a fun game of listening.

Stay tuned for more from my girls where we will talk about airplane entertainment!

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Traveling With Kids On Planes- Part 2 of The Airplane Game

Dec 01, 2019

Here is Part 2 of the #airplanegame as told by my daughters. And it worked this weekend- we had such a smooth flight and naps!

Question- How can kids sit still on a plane? How can I get them to want to sleep?

Lakshmi’s Learning- As previously mentioned, preparation can play an integral role for a smooth flight. Here are my girls sitting on the “pretend airplane” at home.

Shyla repeats the rules from the captain (no screaming, no crying, no jumping, no kicking, and no whining— these are essential). Then my younger daughter Shriya says the critical line- “It’s time to sleep”!!! Guess she listens well to all the times I have said it.  When playing the game at home- integrate pretend sleep and it can translate to sleep on the plane.  Remember- kids learn routines just like nap time. Stay tuned for more from my girls where we will talk about airplane entertainment!

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How Can Toddlers Enjoy Famous Sights?

Nov 21, 2019

A throwback to Shriya’s first birthday.

We spent time in Barcelona with the Amruthur family and of course, the Natarajan parents!  Family is awesome and it’s a blessing to travel together for birthdays.

Question: Can toddlers/kids enjoy “famous sights” such as monuments, places of worship, and museums?

Lakshmi’s Learning: Yes, they can! We found that monuments (e.g. structures like the Colosseum in Rome) and places of worship (churches, temples, mosques) are a hit.

From their perspective, these places are open areas to walk around versus paying attention to a tour. Trying to formally tour a museum (e.g. Louvre in Paris) requires more of an attention span. It’s definitely doable, but will feel rushed!

And when none of this works, I am sure the kids will find pigeons to chase and be very happy!

What are your favorite travel experiences with your family?

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Traveling With Kids On Planes- Part 1 of the Airplane Game

Nov 19, 2019

One of the questions I always receive from EVERYONE I speak to is... “How do you and the kids survive the flights - whether short or long?”

My Insights: Here is an introduction of a series of videos that I will share on how my kids prepare for their flights and do not act out on planes. They have been great (majority of the time) and I do consider them “experts”. They have been on hundreds of flights across the US and 5 continents! Longest flight to date was 20+ hours to Thailand.

You may wonder, how is this possible? Welcome to the airplane game which we have been playing for years!

So, who wants to learn more??? 

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Traveling Does Not Stop When You Have Kids, It Has a New Beginning

Nov 14, 2019

A throwback to our first international trip with a newborn!

At only 6 weeks old, our first daughter, Shyla visited the US and British Virgin Islands. I often receive questions from many parents on how we (and me alone) travel so frequently with our toddlers - what to pack, where to go, what medicines should we take, do we need a car seat, first class or economy, entertainment on the plane, managing jet jag, controlling tantrums, and the list goes on!

Guess what - you will be able to manage all of this and create these experiences for your family too!!!  Stay tuned for insights to all these questions plus so much more!

Remember, traveling doesn’t stop when you have kids, it actually has a new beginning!!

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Always prioritize the things you love most- for me, family + travel

Jul 30, 2019

When life throws you a curve ball, there are a few ways you can play it. In the moment, it does all happen fast! But what I realized is that I already hit my home run. My loved ones are my permanent home run!  And we are blessed to do what we love so our kids can see the people of the world!

Even if you are unable to travel, diversity is all around us. So, take the time to share with the next generation. It’s the only way they can be more accepting than the world we are living in today.

Positive energy even spreads to animals - the camel (technically dromedary) is smiling and gave me some big kisses!

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