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Happy International Women's Day

Apr 08, 2020

Happy International Women's Day to my two moms- my mother (Amma) and my mother-in-law. Of the many amazing women I have in my life (thank you all), I am who I am because these two continue to shape my life as a woman, daughter, and mother.  

Lakshmi’s Learning- While mother and mother-In-law relationships are not meant to be the same- they both play very important roles in my life. At times, they have too much to say and comment on, but I know that they love me more than any other women in my life! LOL!  I treasure our adventures near and far.  I am honored to experience the world with you.

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How We Started the Discussion With Our Kids About "The Virus"... With Gratitude

Mar 27, 2020

My daughters wanted to make this video gratitude.

Question- How should we address the global health situation with our kids? Should we?

Lakshmi’s Learning- I have been talking to my girls about the “virus” and why we are staying at home. Obviously my preschoolers are to understand many things, but they do have feelings and mental health is important. They have been sad that that their family cancelled their FL visit last week, we cancelled our upcoming family trips, there is no school / activities for weeks, etc. Although they love more time with us- it is important that we allow them to share their feelings and ask questions too. During our talks- they wanted to thank all the essential workers- health heroes, farmers, first responders, teachers... thank you!

And the most important person to them- their favorite doctor, their dad! ——Special thanks to my husband, family, and friends who are essential workers who keep us living!

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Save The Planet- With Toilet Paper Low in Stock, You Can Clean Without It

Mar 23, 2020

Please watch this insightful video—- something my daughters learned from all their travels on how to conserve toilet paper and be clean! 

Question- How can we possibly conserve toilet paper? I thought it was essential? 

Lakshmi’s Learning- I wanted to show you all a way to toilet paper and still be very clean. We may still be low on toilet paper for weeks to come! 

Many countries around the world do not use toilet paper to clean- it is not a must have. And when people do- they don’t use it in excess like we do in the US (yours truly too). Now is a great time to learn how we can do things differently. 

So you may ask- how do you clean?? - Mother Nature’s gift... water!   It’s better for the environment too! Here is an example of my daughters’ demonstrating on the toy potty. She uses water to clean (with cleansing bottle or spray) and 1-2 squares of toilet paper to “dry-off” versus many squares multiple...

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Learn "Namaste"- A Respectful Way to Say Hello Without Touching

Mar 13, 2020


Please watch this important video—- a way to respectfully greet people AND avoids contact with another person.
Thank you to our family and friends for the birthday wishes for Shyla. She amazes me with her desire to teach and learn (she also thinks she knows everything- lol)! Last night, she chose this book- “My First Book of Hindi Words” because she wanted to teach others about Indian culture.  And so, I captured something that is VERY important for the current global situation. Say “Namaste” -the Indian greeting for “hello/welcome/good to meet you”. Put your hands together like my daughter did.
Namaste only requires you touching your own hands and hence, no contact with another person!!! It’s better than elbow or fist pumping (they have physical contact). Hence, if you are scared to shake hands, elbow pump, or hug people, please consider doing this. It’s keeps you safe and very...
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Happy Birthday to Shyla... and I enjoyed my labor!

Mar 12, 2020

This was me and newborn Shyla five years ago today....2 seconds after she arrived.  I share this knowing everyone has a different pregnancy and birthing journey- it’s truly unique to a mom and baby. This was mine. 

Many people scared me about labor. “it’s long, it’s painful, etc.” But I am a high energy person and I didn’t want to channel all that stress. The day before I delivered (today 5 years ago)- Someone I barely knew told me to be positive and enjoy labor. 

What??? Enjoy labor??? That was the first time I heard anyone say that!! And I was so inspired by her words! It totally made sense- why not shift my mindset to being positive??? And it was the best decision I made. Even in labor- while I was nervous, I was feeling really good. Of course-it’s not meant to be a trip to the spa! But everything was blissful… and before I knew it, a new human being arrived!!!

Note- My husband did not...

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Happy Holi- India's Festival of Colors

Mar 09, 2020

Happy Holi from us! 

Holi is India's  “festival of colors” celebrated by billions of people around the world! Holi signifies the arrival of spring, good over bad, and a fun day to meet others, play and laugh, and celebrate life and people! 

How do we teach the next generation about global holidays? Since this a community celebration- I have hosted Holi at my daughters’ school with all the wonderful colors!  It brightened my day to see the happiness in the 100+ children!! Remember, as a parent- your dedication can create a positive experience and impact so many kids!

You too can celebrate-- just get some colored powder, play some music, dance, and put the colors everywhere.  The colors represent the vibrancy of all the colors and shades of the human race!

As we say… Holi Hai (Holi is here)! 

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Losing A Loved One... Always Put Family First

Mar 06, 2020

For many people, life is about love, near and far. My reflection- This picture was taken just a month ago with some of my family in India. And, in just in one month, one family member is no more. 

While mourning is part of the journey, reflection is important too. Often times, our lives and careers get so busy that we have limited time to invest in what/who matters most... loved ones . Sometimes we even channel stress to those we love. Hence, let’s take a moment to reflect and prioritize time + positive energy for the people we love. While I am so far from perfect, I know I try my best. 

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Before kids, there was me and him... and our love for travel

Feb 14, 2020

Before there was Travel Plus Them, there was him. So I share this marriage perspective. 

While we are different in many ways, one thing Kailash and I have in common is our desire to explore the world.  After parenthood- two individuals naturally evolve and often times, “give up” things they enjoyed before kids.  Kailash and I made a commitment to continue our travel with kids.  Through the roller coaster ride- I am grateful to my husband for being my partner in life. I am also thankful that the 33 year old me to took a leap of faith with him. 

While the journey of life is about compromise, we define the boundaries of that.

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Visiting Family Around The World- Life Is Short and It Is Always Worth It

Feb 10, 2020

Question- How do kids remember all the family visits at such a young age... why not wait until they older so they remember all their relatives? 

Lakshmi’s Learning- People (even my parents) say I am crazy for the nonstop travel and for taking my kids to India. They even advise me against it... saying to wait. Of course I rarely listen. And, you know what... it is ALWAYS worth it for time with family- near and far. The relationships that my children have built with their great grandmother, aunts, uncles, extended grandparents, cousins, and friends are absolutely priceless. The reason they remember all of them is because of the effort we, as parents, have invested in those relationships.

And for me family is everything so even through the stomach sickness we all just experienced, I do not regret one moment!  We saw all the elders- which is very important to me.  They may not be around the next time.

So- don’t wait to visit your loved ones wherever...

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Tantrums In Public On Vacation- What To Do?

Jan 22, 2020

So, how many parents can relate to the “moments of madness”? What do you do?

Question- What do I do when my child has a tantrums in public on our vacation?

Lakshmi’s Learning- Many people asked me if my kids cry and scream? Of course there have been many tantrums over the years while we travel (and more at home too)! I don’t always have time to capture on video as I am trying to calm the children... but this time I did! 

So the answer is not a one size fits all approach, but here is one approach I started more recently and it has worked.—— In this situation, I forgot my daughter’s stroller in our Air BnB home. Oops! Nothing I can do! The irony is that she has not used it for one year at home. But it was her “comfort” while traveling - even though she doesn’t sit in it most of the time....she still just wants it.

What did I do? —- One piece of advice- Remain calm!!! Even when she was screaming and on the floor-...

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How to Travel With Children During COVID19

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