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Swinging into the new normal… Are you getting the itch?

Sep 23, 2020

We are all finding different ways to live in this “new normal". I am reminiscing of our beautiful family trip to Bali, Indonesia. As you may have guessed, we have the travel bug! Perhaps one of the few “bugs” that we love! 

Question- We have always enjoyed experiencing the world, but of course in the current global climate, it seems impossible, right?  

Lakshmi's Learning- I think wrong. First and foremost, I will say that everyone has to do what they feel is right based on their personal values and lifestyle choices. As parents, we have this special quality to turn the impossible to possible. I am a member of a few “mommy” groups and have recently had discussions on “when should we travel again”. Lots of families did summer road trips in their respective countries or spent extended time visiting their families- how wonderful! Remember- any and all trips (e.g. to a zoo, to the lake, to another...

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How to Transform "Failure" Into a Positive

Sep 10, 2020

As I was prepping for an upcoming podcast interview- I was reflecting on my life’s journey. Specifically on what led my decision to build businesses around my passions as and strengths a mompreneur versus progression on the career path I was on. 

Lakshmi's Learning:  And- what struck me was the feeling of “failure”.  WOW- that word failure- it sounds bad, but is it?   

The irony is that we tell our children when they don’t get a goal in soccer OR if they get an answer wrong on a test- “It’s ok! You will do better next time- let’s practice and always try your hardest.” We turn a negative into a quick optimistic positive. Why should that not apply to us adults too?

Well, we adults spend more time analyzing the situation- why did this happen, what we could have done better, should have done better, what we can do better next time, etc.  I thought “so many women seem to do it all-- and why...

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An Important Life Lesson Taught by Child to Parent

Aug 29, 2020

Lakshmi’s Learning- When we think of teaching… Sometimes we think of the elders teaching the youngsters. But there are times where our toddler children can teach us too! As my baby Shriya celebrates her birthday next week... I wanted to reflect on her special quality that truly makes me proud. Most people will say their children teach them patience which is definitely true for all of us! I am going to focus on something else that my baby teaches me (and she is different from her sister with this unique quality).

Shriya teaches me confidence. She demonstrates how to channel out the negative comments and just focus on what makes you happy. I am amazed how at age 3... she literally can “brush off” the “not so nice things” that other kids sometimes say (e.g you run too slow, your painting looks weird, you dance funny, etc). She smiles and she still just continues her work and play. She will share the “not nice” comments with me or her...

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Happy Independence Day to My Motherland India

Aug 15, 2020

Happy Birthday India... August 15, 1947. I am proud of the girls for representing India so much. They are truly Indian American and have so much love and appreciation for both of their countries!

Lakshmi’s Learning- A country’s Birthday/Independence Day is a great fun way to celebrate with your kids and teach them some of the history of the country! Whether it’s a geography lesson, eating the country’s cuisine, or learning about the flag... anything!! As I have said before… Just a sprinkle of knowledge can open up a world of curiosity.  So pick a country and celebrate! 

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In Celebration of World Breastfeeding Week... Nursing + Pumping With A Traveling Job

Aug 06, 2020

Apparently, it is World Breastfeeding Week.... and wow, this is a topic near and dear to my heart. 

My daughters are 17 months apart (accident!). I was blessed to breastfeed both my children for over a year (even while pregnant with Shriya, I breastfed Shyla). My two learning experiences of being a breastfeeding mompreneur with a traveling career:

For Shyla (baby #1)- When I was working from home- nursing was easy breezy! When I was traveling- I took Shyla on many of my business trips (my mom was my nanny- what a gift). I would still pump in the office OR rush back to the hotel to feed her. The sad thing was people (including women) questioned why I left my office frequently and missed meetings- I had to pump (it’s a process!) or nurse.

Lesson Learned with Shyla- My child's food comes first- I will have to speak up when people question why I am missing meetings. And should not feel embarrassed or guilty. Self Assessment- I did not do this well and sometimes felt I was...

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While I Am A Movement By Myself... We Are A Force When We Are Together

Aug 03, 2020

Challenge Accepted

I guess I must be an awesome woman because I have been nominated by a few of my cousins and friends in the last few days.

A few insights: 

  • As women, we all have made mistakes with other women. But every moment is an opportunity to do better for the next! We have to look within ourselves to find the confidence to always spread love and help each other rise!
  • We women try to balance it all... and the reality is that we need to integrate it all. We cannot do that without a community of support. “While I am a movement by myself, we are a force when we are together. We all make each other better!” 
  • I am surrounded by amazing women... which starts with my mother and mother-in-law, my grandmothers, my aunts, my sis-in-laws, cousins, nieces, friends and colleagues around the world, and finally the next generation of women I am raising to be inclusive global citizens.
And special thanks to Custom Ink for the awesome T-Shirts designed by my...
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Mother Daughter Love... Moments Captured in Rome, Italy

Jul 22, 2020

A post on mother daughter love....

As I am in my childhood home- I am consolidating (or rather reminiscing) my younger years. The top is a picture of my mother and I in Italy the year I graduated college. Outside of our frequent trips to India, this was the first international family trip I took my parents on... thanks to American Express and my free airline tickets! The bottom is my daughter Shyla and I (pregnant with second baby) in almost the same picture spot (what a coincidence)! 

Lakshmi’s Learning- I am so lucky to have shared the beauty and culture of this country with my mother and then my daughter (and a few times solo in between)!!!  While the photo coloring is way different in the 2016 vs the 2000 version.... the mother/daughter love is generational.

This is the time to continue to create memories with your loved ones... especially the elders. Even when they “accidentally” cut all your hair off (supposed to be a trim)...

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A Child's Curious Mind is a Gift...Teachings on Pride Month

Jun 30, 2020

Question: Amma (Tamil world for mom)- what is the rainbow flag for?

Lakshmi’s Learning: And so I explained what the rainbow flag represents. The video is her understanding.  Even a sprinkle of knowledge can make a world of a difference.

Parents should do what they feel is right and some think kids are too young for certain things. That’s totally fine. However- I am learning that a child’s curious mind is an absolute gift and I prefer to discuss some things early on. I have talked to my girls about diversity and how it comes in all shapes and forms. I want them to know that there are all different kinds of relationships not just the one she sees in her parents.  This has enabled my children to be proud of who they are and in turn love to learn about and appreciate others.

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How I Gave My Birthday A Different Meaning This Year

Jun 02, 2020

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world”- Mahatma Gandhi 

First- thank you all for your birthday wishes! Blessed to be loved by many. It’s been a week to remember for many reasons. One thing core in our parenting and passion for Travel Plus Them is teaching our children about the world, the people, all the different faiths, cultures, and to be proud of who they are. This is the first year in many years that we have not traveled for my birthday, but I still made the celebration meaningful.

As person of color who grew up in Teaneck, NJ, I will forever stand by my black brothers and sisters. I want to teach children to speak up for themselves and others when they experience things that are unfair.

While there are many ways to support- this moment is about my voice. Some people are lucky to have voices that can be heard but that freedom is not extended to everyone. And unfortunately- this is true in many parts of the world. Hence please use your...

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Experiencing Diversity Starts With Parents As "Teachers"- A Look on World Religions

May 01, 2020

This message is to embrace diversity and culture through global learning experiences. As Shyla said “We are connected around the world!” 

Question- With global travel at a pause now, how can my kids become global citizens?

Lakshmi’s Learning- There many ways to teach diversity to the next generation about the world and it does not solely come from school. It actually starts with us parents! Please note this is one example. Even if it is just a sprinkle of knowledge- it’s a start and can be done at home! Let’s leverage our community and Google to learn!! 

What I did- April was a holy month across some of the world’s major religions. My girls already know a lot about our Hindu faith. I want them to continue to be confident and proud of who the are. To achieve that- it’s important for them understand the bigger picture around them. So I leveraged the opportunity to ensure they understand the holidays that came in...

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